Our Team

Mohammad Asif Sooltangos

Director – General Counsel

Asif has completed a bachelor degree in Law and Political Science from Paris Sorbonne University on their Abu Dhabi campus in 2012. He moved to Paris for a Masters degree in Business law in 2013 and specialized himself as a corporate lawyer with a Masters degree in 2014 from the University Paris V René Descartes.

He joined Phoenix Precious Metals DMCC in Dubai in 2017 where he served as legal counsel until 2021. During his time, he has acquired extensive experience in gold trading deals’ structuring, precious metals mining, precious metals refining, banking and payment institutions, security, value in transit and precious metals insurance.

His areas of expertise are mergers & acquisitions, corporate set up and structuring, cross border deals negotiations and corporate finance.

Asif also oversees the compliance department of the company in regard to its AML/CFT obligations and its responsible sourcing requirements.

Asif is a member of the World Association of Mining Lawyers.